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What ktcosmos speaks about:

  • Perspectives on business and entrepreneurship derived from a long career as a virtual assistant
  • Balancing family, work and volunteerism
  • Enjoying recreation on land and water, including baseball, kayaking, hiking and camping
  • The role of creative pursuits including knitting, music, and photography
  • Transitioning from work to retirement

Where ktcosmos came from:

What 63 looks like

What 63 looks like

Burlington, Iowa, where I got my love of baseball, homegrown tomatoes and raspberries. I somehow ended up in Prescott, Arizona in 1984. More than 60 years now separate that “little me” shown below from the the grownup Arizona gal I am now.

Known as ktcosmos online, in person I go by Katie, Mom, Mamaw (grandma), Dama Tatie,  Yollama, kate babe, or Sweetie, depending on who you’re talking to.

What ktcosmos likes:

What ktcosmos looks like in my dreams

There’s a lot of knitting, photography, hiking, camping, kayaking, and reading going on around here. I try to be a yoga girl, but I am, sadly, very unfaithful in that endeavor. And if I can find a gym I can afford, I will be playing racquetball again. Oh, and taking up acoustic guitar after a 45 year hiatus!

That doggie at right represents my old pal Chester, who died in 2011. I hike by myself now, until the right dog comes along… and, if you know who he is, please give me a heads up!


How to reach ktcosmos:

Whether I am working, at a knitting meetup, or out-and-about, you will find it easiest to reach me by email or leaving a comment on one of the following social networks.

  • Email: ktcosmos-at-LooseEnds-dot-net
  • Or catch up with me on these social networks:
    Little ktcosmos

    Little ktcosmos

    Twitter … ktcosmos
    LinkedIn … KatieBaird
    Ravelry … LooseKnit
    Instagram … ktcosmos