Updating to WordPress 2.7

With each successful update of WordPress, the more comfortable you become when receiving weird fatal error messages, which cause your blog to crash completely until you decode and address them.

I used the auto update option to bring Loosely Speaking up to date yesterday. It took about 5 minutes, and then another 5 to calmly troubleshoot a page full of those “fatal error” messages.

I typically discover a a handful of broken links and general weirdness for a few days following a an update. Also, the pages sometime load very slowly just afterwards, making me wonder if it’s the installation or if I need to use phpMyadmin to clean out my database, or if I need to contact my host.

Specifically, my update didn’t find or recognize these three files:


All it took was a look through the 2.7 package to find these, after which I reuploaded each individual file.

Other unresolved matters:

  • Slow as molasses after the update
  • WYSIWYG dissabled in the “Write Post” area

I love working with WordPress, and I have learned not to have a panic attack every time I do an upgrade. I have also learned to expect some downtime, so I don’t perform updates unless I have some spare time.

Can casual or first time users really be expected to remain calm when a simple update crashes their site? Must one really employ a WP professional for handling these updates?

It helps to read about the new release before performing updates. Here’s a good overview provided by Lorelle: WordPress Upgrade Tips.

Editor update 12/18/08:

I’ve been searching for a fix for the missing Visual Editor on 2.7 for the past couple of days. After reading a treatment of this issue by Andrew Ozz on Wordpress, I began to see that my new updated version doesn’t look anyhing like the screen shots I was seeing. Hmm… I then decided to take a look at the wp-admin and wp-include folders, and compare the contents with a newly downloaded version of 2.7. Aha. They are totally different. This means my auto update didn’t actually work completely. (Whether to my having skipped a few too many WP updates or if the plugin for updating wasn’t working, I don’t know.)

Next step was to replace both folders. That done, the visual editor is now back turned on and working properly.  So, thanks, Andrew!

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