I Know a Knitter Who is a (fill in the blank)

I recently heard a podcast segment which reminded me that we aren’t JUST knitters or crocheters. We are all primarily something else, professionally or personally. It’s the alchemy of turning yarn into something lovely and useful that connects us across our other pursuits, whether careers, caregiving or child rearing.

The ties that bind.

The ties that bind.

The first time my mom dropped in on my fiber group she was surprised at our composition. “Everyone in your group is so accomplished and smart,” she commented. While I don’t think you have to be smart to catch on to how to use needles and hooks to make stuff, you probably do have to have a specific sort of brain. Our busy hands and those interesting brains drew us together despite our jobs which might have never allowed us to cross paths.

Here’s my list. What can you you add?

I know three knitters/crocheters who are nurses.

I know two knitters who are chemists.

i know four knitters who are stay at home moms.

I know a knitter who is a baker.

…who is a farmer.

…who is a computer tech support worker.

…who is an actress.

….who is a supply chain specialist.

…who is a geologist.

….who is a water resources specialist.

…who is an archivist.

…who is a realtor.

…who is a professional writer and minister.

…who is an X-ray technician.

…who is a jewelry maker.

…who is an English professor and roller derby athlete.

…who is a a self employed property appraiser.





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