11 Halos–3rd Spring Training Season

In which our son walks out of the clubhouse for the last time, and we begin life after baseball.

Many famous athletes have written eloquently about the first day after a career in professional sports ends, so you can go to Amazon to get books on the topic if you want to know more about their experiences.

As the weeks go by, we’ll find out first hand what it’s like not to have a son stepping up to the plate on Opening Day. We’ll ponder our original love of the game and see if it endures after this chapter has closed. We will discover whether we become bitter or simply philosophical.

We’ll think about all the players and their families we have met along the way. We’ll remember the team managers we met, the thoughtful ushers and ticket booth managers who gave us great seats in all the ball parks we visited, the generous host families and boosters who have always supported our boys as they progress through the minors.

You can never know when the last game you watched may be the last time you see him take the field.

And even though you always knew that one day you would reach the last day, you discover that such an awareness does nothing to reduce the sorrow in the moment it happens.


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11 Halos–3rd Spring Training Season — 2 Comments

  1. We arrived in Tempe for our annual spring training trip on the 25th. So sorry we missed seeing you, Don, and Dillon. We wish Dillon the best in whatever comes next for him. It was always great to see him come out of the clubhouse after a game; a huge smile on his face if he did well and they won, and still a hint of a grin when he, or they, didn’t. He was always good with the young kids who were occasional fans looking for autographs, and wonderful with the kids he knew who were regulars. His tough determination and his kindness toward others are going to serve him well and I’m betting he’s going to be great at whatever he decides he wants to do. Best of luck to you all!

  2. So eloquent and touching. I know and affirm that Dillion was created to do magnificent things, to be joyful and abundant in all ways. All is well.