“Too Much Time on My Hands”

Finding your valentine in nature.

Find your valentine in nature this year

I woke up from my antihistamine-fueled dreams today with this song playing in my head. In fact, I was never a Styx fan. The reality is, the tune dates back to 1981, the year my firstborn arrived and, therefore, the last time in my life that I really DID have too much time on my hands.

Now that son is 33 and I’m … well, never mind.

I think you can figure out I’ve reached a certain age. An age, apparently, where things like this happen:

  • I finally sewed up a terrific polartec jacket as a gift for my husband (two years after purchasing the fabric for it). Upon completion, I discovered that I inserted the cool separating zipper upside down.
  • After a quiet day at home baking, knitting and attending to other domestic goodness, I hurriedly tried to make myself presentable prior to heading out to a meetup with friends. Running my hands through my hair a final time I found I’d distributed a large amount of bright blue, gooey, extra whitening anti-plaque toothpaste throughout my locks.

I could go on, but why? I think it’s only when you have all the time in the world that you discover that you were far more efficient when every second counted. When the obligations of caregiving, working full time, and the raising of your kids gradually slide away, there’s a blissful interval during which you really can slow it all way down. For awhile. But then it’s time to reengage with some activities for which your natural born gifts are well suited.

When this time arrives in for you, enjoy the peace and quiet, but not for too long.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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