REAL TALK about social media

Even though the big three (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) have been around for more than a few years, conventions and best practices for their use still seems like a hot topic. Every where I turn lately, there are classes, webinars and live chats on the subject.

My AZVAs colleague and I are no exception, as we’re planning our May 2011 podcast around the topic and are even offering a course of our own on May 24.

In fact our recent monthly REAL TALK chat explored social media successes and challenges, and Tara couldn’t join me since she was attending a local presentation by our area Chamber of Commerce on social networking!

Here’s a segment of my “REAL TALK” conversation with Carla Wilson (owner Wilson Virtual Assistance and co-owner of  Wilson Media Services) and Mary Motz (owner of ProVirtual Solutions).


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