The World’s Your Oyster (if your virtual team is solid!)

Whether your professional collaborations consist of committee work with peers, or you steer all your company operations via a team that’s spread throughout the globe, in this century many of us have occasion to work with people who aren’t in our same zipcode or timezone.

We have the technology and need to communicate across distance. Some among us have formalized our “virtual teams” and this approach to work has become routine.

If you’re doing it, you already know the challenges. If you’re just now thinking about building your own virtual team, you’re likely wondering about some of the logistics and you already know there’s more to consider than which online meeting platform to use.

The University of North Carolina’s online mba program has produced a white paper which focuses on developing the skills essential for virtual teams.

Written by Meena Dorr and Kip Kelly, the article begins with the premise that virtual teams are here to stay, and then dissects the challenges and identifies the keys to creating successful collaborations in the virtual team model.

Here’s the article, “Developing Real Skills for Virtual Teams

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