Work Less, Live More

Here’s what I am hoping my life will look like over the next three to five years, and no, none of this is in my biz plan (yet). Work really hard for most of the year, then take a well-publicized long vacation, say 1 – 3 months.

Last winter I took a month off (as mentioned elsewhere in this blog). I won’t rehash the reasons, benefits, etc., other than to say: I held onto my clients and I earned more than I had the previous year.

Not that the experiment qualifies as an actual study, but it reinforced the practice for me and I am doing it again this year, starting in FIVE DAYS!

I predict that I will do several specific projects during my hiatus.

1. I have figured out that as blogging becomes more my means of exploring and developing my business, I am contributing to my original website far less. Eventually the rankings on the latter will surely suffer, just as the reverse may be true of my blogging site. I project that I won’t be the only blogger considering the role played by both sites over the course of this year, and that I will have devised some different approaches by 2008.

2. I plan to conduct a feasibility study. This will entail painstaking examination how the family of Lastings Milledge (professional baseball player, if you don’t know) manages to follow their son around in an RV during his season. Now THAT sounds like something that SHOULD be in my business plan!

Elucidating here: our youngest son was drafted by a MLB team last June and it seems that by June of 2007 he may have signed a contract and left behind college baseball for that other realm, the one countless boys dream of their entire lives. As his #1 fan I am ready to test whether I can be a Virtual Assistant while following my son’s baseball season, be it in the minors or — gasp! — in the “Show.”

The Milledges make it work by living in a 32-foot camper during Lastings’ season. I don’t have enough set aside to replicate their lifestyle, but a girl can dream.

3. Take another stab at the novel that I outlined last winter.

4. Knit to my heart’s delight.

5. Haul out my Gramma’s recipe file and make a different cake every week.

If I am as refreshed and enthusiastic about work when I return to it on January 26, I will see if I can’t figure out a way to take my show on the road for 6 months out of the year, just like the Milledges. All I have to do is envision it and, of course, write it into my business plan!

By the way, Darren Rouse has a great project for all you bloggers right now in the current version of the ProBlogger Group Writing Project – Reviews and Predictions. You can participate if you hurry!

You just write a post like this – a summary of your year or prediction of things-to-come, or whatever, and submit your post to the Group Writing Project.

This time around it ends on December 21, 2006, so get writing!