AZVAs the Podcast Episode 8: Publishing Industry Opportunities

October 2010 Podcast Program Notes

AZVAs the Podcast This episode of AZVAs the Podcast is sponsored by  Jan B. King. Scroll down to read more about Jan.

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Portions of this month’s episode were recorded on site at the Raven Cafe in historic downtown Prescott, Arizona.

Contents of this episode:

  • Tips: Katie shares a boatload of other  business podcasts that can help you stay current in your profession and Tara makes a suggestion about creative holiday marketing ideas.
  • Interview: Tara spoke with  Jan B. King, owner of Author’s Assistance Training and this month’s sponsor, on how authors can benefit from working with a virtual professional and how solopreneurs with an interest in publishing can find authors to support. Jan can be reached at and more information on her training programs is available here: ALSO, scroll down to read about a webinar Jan is presenting through AZVAs on Thursday, January 20, 2011 for VAs looking to find author-clients!
  • September Contest winner: Karin Wilson was the winner of the a $28 make up package from Lisa Miller, which included BeautiControl’s “Lash and Lid Bath” and “Speculash lash lengthener.” Karin, just get in touch with Lisa to claim your prize!
  • October Poll Question: In early 2011 we’ll feature a Q & A session based on questions our listeners have asked us. Post your questions in the usual places (below this post as a comment, on the AZVAs facebook page discussion tab or wall, or sent as an email to Katie or Tara) If you submit a question, we’ll answer it during a future podcast and you’ll be entered into a drawing to be our guest at an upcoming webinar.

October Sponsor: Jan B. King

Jan B. King (pictured, right)  is a publishing strategist, devoted to transforming experts with important contributions in their fields into successfully published authors, directly and by consulting with publishers.

She is the author of two books. Her book Business Plans to Game Plans is praised by academics and business people alike and is in its 3rd edition (John Wiley & Sons, 2004). Her second book Smart Women Publish was published in 2005. She is also a member of the Author’s Guild.

Ms. King’s views on business and on publishing have been widely quoted in Investor’s Business Daily, Fortune Small Business, Working Woman Magazine, the American Bar Association’s Bar Leader magazine, Small Business USA, Business Finance, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and on numerous business web sites. She has also appeared on Making It! a small business television program on KTTV Los Angeles, The Economic Journal, a PBS business program, as well as on numerous nationally syndicated business radio programs. She writes and speaks extensively on publishing, employee ownership and participative management, and business planning.

Contact Jan at any of her websites, or by email at: (January 27, 2011)

Coming in November:

Jan B. King will present a special webinar for the AZVAs audience on November 18 from 5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Arizona Time called: “Virtual Assistants Make Anything Possible for Their Author Clients.”  Details and pricing are over on the events tab at the AZVAs FaceBook page , and you can click over to this link to register using Paypal.

Our topic November  is “Trending Business: what does 2010 tell us about 2011?” Our special guest is Jane Bristol, who recently left her role as Director of Economic Development for the city of Prescott, Arizona. Listen in on her many insights and tips for where business is headed in the next decade.

AZVAs the Podcast is produced by two Virtual Assistants (VAs) from Prescott Arizona.
  • Tara Fort, owner of Versatility. Versatility Business Services offers expert-level proofreading, copy editing, transcription and legal administrative support.  All services delivered professionally and efficiently.
  • Katie Baird, owner of Loose Ends, harnesses her client’s particular talents and creative energies and provides web and social media support, layout and design services, and project management expertise. Katie is also skilled at bringing diverse groups together, think-tank style, to generate inspired solutions to challenges and discover new opportunities and directions.

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